The most credible way for a person to understand the quality of a product is by hearing what customers say about it. So here are unsolicited testimonials from happy Blowback Laser Trainer customers.

Steve McRoberts

I received the trainer laser after Christmas. It is a wonderful training tool, especially if it is raining or cold outside a person can stay inside to shoot. My nearest indoor range is 50 miles away. I do recommend this training pistol.

Charles Reigh

I am incredibly pleased with the Blowback Laser Training System. In my years of experience, it’s most realistic training short of shooting live ammo. Recoil is sufficient to require the shooter to learn to handle it. The system keeps hits on target lit up until cleared allowing instantaneous and real-time feedback while shooting. The sound produced by the target when hit provides a (surprisingly) realistic experience, much better than the nearly inaudible ("plastic-like") click sounds of other products. Naturally, a great deal of thought went into the design of the training system. Keep up the good work, and I wish you great success.

Lou Krupkin

What an amazing training tool. It is portable, so I can take it anywhere and train in my basement or home. It is realistic and priced right. This is a great supplement in addition to going to the range and training live fire. Also it is a great tool to teach my students before they go to the live fire range. Great product!

Carl Michelfelder

I received the Blowback Laser Trainer as you promised and my shooting has improved almost immediately. I consistently hit the middle of both the upper and lower targets with no adjustment of the sight as of yet. A great product. I will definitely recommend it to others. It was a pleasure meeting you at the Reno gun show. Hope to see you at the next one.

David Swetof

I was laid up for a while, and with your system that I purchased after sitting on the couch, using your Blowback Laser system increased my shooting ability to keeping on the bull’s-eye. I didn’t lose nothing the whole time I sat on the couch I just sat there and practiced and to do that in your own home was extremely good so I appreciate using your product. Thank you.

John Spicer

I wanted to thank you for him taking care of me with my Blowback Laser Trainer and repairing it, it works great and I can say with confidence my shooting has improved tremendously, thank you so much. Second thing is I've shared this with some friends of mine; I have two friends that would like to purchase your laser training system.

Tom Salerno

Received my Blowback Laser Trainer! Been working with it for about a week. Great system. I have it set up in my office. In between calls, etc. I can squeeze off a few "rounds"--I'm impressed with how it's helped me improve my aim and trigger pull. When I need a quieter practice session, of course I just use it without the CO2 cartridge. While I recognize that takes away the realistic blowback action, it also keeps the noise down. Great product! Very glad I bought it!!

Robert Baker

I purchased your product early this year at a Pennsylvania gun show. I have practiced with your product for about 6 months. I went from a 202 to A 234 out of a 250. Your product has helped me a whole lot; greatly appreciated I now use it with my employees with my company. They enjoy practicing with it everyone's aim and score has improved tremendously I will be purchasing another one.

Ray Thomas

Since I bought the Blowback Laser Trainer not only has it improved my shooting/aiming skills it has also saved me quite a bit in ammo costs. I am really glad I purchased your product and thank you for your exceptional customer service.

Alan Easley

I’ve been wanting to get my CCW permit for years. I finally arranged to attend a class, but getting to the range is never convenient. I was able to set up my new Blowback Laser Trainer in the hallway of my home, which closely mimicked the conditions for the qualifying range. I was able to get in plenty of practice before the class and had no problems qualifying on the range. Thanks so much for inventing such a versatile training system.

Philippa Mariner

Wanted to say thank you to Candy and daughter for their wonderful customer service! Love this product, cannot wait to use when it arrives. Again, thank you!!

Carnell Kemp

We just spoke on the phone. We love your product, it's great for the wife and the family. It's a big hit when friends come over. Also are you on the stock market if so send the information. I'm looking to invest. Like I said, we love it.

Deborah Conradi

Thank you for such an awesome training system. The Blowback is exactly what I wanted when I was searching for a training system. In 2021 I purchased one that required the use of a cell phone to use for the "target." I did not like that nor did I like the fact that I had to rack my slide each time. I saw Blowback at a gun show and immediately fell in love with it. The simulated gun looks and feels authentic, i.e. it has weight, its design is superb, and easy to handle. The target is 3D and very substantial. Both are high quality. Your sales and service are impeccable. I use the Blowback every week and am delighted with this training system. Thank you!


This team did not only make a very useful product, they back it with the commitment to excellent service. I have had the opportunity to use the product and experience their service dedication.  Gary, thank you!

Mike McLeod

I recently purchased the Blowback Laser Training system, and it has honestly exceeded my expectations! The Laser Trainer Target and Pistol were very easy to charge and operate, and we are now able to train whenever is convenient for us, without needing to leave the house and incur the ammo expense. The CO2 feature gives a realistic action and feel when training, and the target provides fun competition for all of the shooters in our household. I highly recommend this training system for all serious shooters!

Bob Wolters

My wife and I came across Blowback Laser Trainer at a gun show here in Phoenix. Ordered the system and when it came in we started to use it and had some issues with the CO2 leaking out. Emailed the company and immediately got a phone call from Gary the owner of the company. With the holidays in full swing time got away from me and when I checked back with Gray this month he had me send our gun in and within a week I just got it back. At this point I don't have a lot of time on the gun but I am utterly amazed at Gary's customer service. Anymore, with all that is happening in work places now days it hard to even talk to a human. Thank you Gary for your prompt service and will follow up as soon as I have more shooting time on the system.

Kathleen Buckley

Thank you very much for sending the replacement cartridge for my laser gun. You were correct about that being the problem. After replacing the old one with the new one, I was able to fire many more rounds (shots). Thanks, you for your prompt and courteous service. I love my new tool that allows me to practice my aim with breaking my bank.

Jim Sealy

Just wanted to let you know that using the trainer has been of tremendous benefit. What do I mean? Being a numbers guy type of person, I equate most things in ROI, Return on Investment. The ROI for me has been not just having fun with this thing but how much money it has saved me to date. So far, based upon the amount of money I have saved, I have saved over $845.00 in ammo cost, based upon the number of rounds I have fired from the Trainer vs. what I would have spent on live ammo at the Range. That's the first part of the benefit I have received from its use. The Second benefit is even more important than the money; it's the accuracy I have seen in my skill level at the Range using live ammo. After using the Trainer for several weeks just a couple times per week, I still go to the Range to test myself to see if I have been improving in my accuracy and the noticeable difference in skill level is more than noticeable! AND, still saving money! If I made these same improvements using only live ammo and I didn't have this Blowback Trainer, I probably would have spent way more money than I can directly point to as having saved! This is exciting! Thanks for making this darn thing available! The ROI has been tremendous!

Catherine Anderson

We are so excited about our Blowback Laser Trainer. My husband brought it home after both he and I applied for our CCW permits. With the cost of ammunition and our crazy schedules, going to the range for practice just isn’t feasible and, to be honest, as a woman, going to the range by myself sometimes feels intimidating. Having a home practice solution with realistic blowback action is perfect and allows us to practice much more often than we would otherwise be able to. The most surprising development was that my 80 year old mom asked if she could give it a go. She grew up in a hunting family and she still is quite a good shot! Our grown children are also excited to improve their skills. Here’s to multi generational marksmanship!

Luis Diaz

I appreciate your prompt response to this matter. I received the call from Mr. Al, the sales associate whom I purchased the gun from. He offered his assistance and for me to go back to the gun show to help with the issue. Regardless of everything else that happened, I am really impressed with your amazing customer service that I was a getting a response from the founder of this company himself. Thank you and more power!

Jim Sealy

I bought my training system at the Dallas Gun Show at Market Hall last December not really sure how I would like it or how much I would use it. After using it a couple of times, initially, the first 30 days, I can't put it down! This entire setup is awesome! It really does help with learning to control the recoil and understanding how and getting use to training your wrists and forearms to handle the recoil. If you go to the range a couple of times a month with live ammo, you will go broke pretty quick and not get the amount of use from your firearm to help you manage and maintain full control of it. I now use my system at least 2 times weekly and when I do go to the range I have so much more control and my accuracy has improved (even though I was pretty good before) so much that my groupings are unreal. The people around me are always commenting about how tight they are. I wish I had known about this thing a long time ago!

Neil Opdahl-Lopez, Esq.

Thank you so much for the ongoing customer support- the most superb customer service of my life! So far, everything seems good on both the Blowback calibration, and the target! Fun for the whole family, no kidding.Thanks again guys, you're the best.

Della Gaar-Todesohini

The gun is fantastic and feels like a real gun. The weight and size is accurate. It's a great practice took for those who want to improve their shooting skills. It is also great for those who want to learn to shoot, but don't want to use a real gun. I also like the adjustment because you can adjust it to however you like. My family and I are enjoying it so much and rate it a 10/10.

Tom Powell

I wanted to let you know how pleased I am with your product. I have saved a lot of money on ammo and the drills I can do at home are amazing. I was attending a class on a range last week and I could tell by my shooting and movement how my training with your system paid off. I have already recommended this to a family member and a couple of friends. I now have my own range at home thanks to the Blowback Laser Trainer.

Kelley Lowe

Just got your Blowback System and what a great product it is. Fun to use for many reasons, but I enjoy the fact that I can have my own shooting range in the comfort of my home without spending my hard earned money on overpriced ammunition. Very good design with the CO2!

Leticia Castillo

I just wanted to thank the owner Gary for helping me with my order. I received my receipt and I can't wait until I receive my order. Thank you for the discount you gave us. With the rest of my birthday present my husband is gonna order my favorite food from Olive Garden. Once again thank you.

Gordon Herschel

Gary sells a great product. I purchased one from him in January, 2020 and have found it to be a useful, quality and fun product to enhance my shooting skills without leaving the comfort of my home. It isn’t the real thing but it’s the next closest to it. Thank you for producing the Blowback Laser Trainer!

Steve McRoberts

I had my laser gun for a couple of years. I had a little problem with it so I call about the problem in no time at all they fix my problem. Like I said it is the best laser set to buy. Don't wait just go ahead and get the laser set you would not be sorry. If you can't get to a range this is the way to go.

Jim E.

Blowback Laser customer service is outstanding! I had some issues with one of the magazines; what can I say, it’s an imperfect world. Gary at Blowback bent over backwards to solve the problem - he sent me a new one yesterday! It works PERFECTLY! Couldn't be happier! Highly recommend the Blowback Laser Trainer! Fun toy!

Brian G Drummond

As a licensed FFL dealer I highly recommend the Blowback Laser Trainer. My father initially purchased the Trainer at a Gun Show I had a booth at. He honed his skills with it and at the age of 85 was able to attain his License to carry from the state. I use it on a frequent basis as I am not always able to get to the range as frequently as I would like to. Again, an excellent training tool for those just starting out in the sport to those of us who have been shooting for many years.


I love it! And I’m using it as often as I can; my brothers thought I’m holstering a real gun inside home all the time now! It definitely improved my drawing and aiming memory muscles now! Thanks and more power to you!

Lt. Mark Lott

The Memphis Airport Police Firearms Unit uses the Blowback Laser Trainer system to supplement firearms training during the cold season and inclement weather. This system has been a valuable asset to this agency.

Chief Elbert Johnson

Hi Gary. Having much success with your training systems (fun too).

Tobey Reed

I teach Law Enforcement at a vocational high school in Massachusetts. As part of my curriculum, we cover firearm safety. As you can imagine in a public high school, you cannot use actual firearms. I got the Blowback Laser Trainer for my class and it was fantastic. The weight and feel of the firearm are spectacular. It operates in a way that the students must readjust their aim after each shot. They get to cycle the slide. They get to insert the magazine. They are getting as close to a real experience as they can within the confines of the school. As you can imagine, they love it. The target is responsive and fun to use. They love to have competitions between them to see who can get the highest score. Once I have instructed them on how to use it and safety, they had a blast. Now we can use it when we have a few free minutes. It is super easy to set up and use. Today we had ten extra minutes in class, so we had a competition. It was engaging, and the students had a lot of fun. I got to evaluate them on their safety and their ability to remember what they had learned earlier in the year. I can't recommend the Blowback Laser Trainer enough if you want to work on your skills, but you cannot get to a range. Fantastic.

Steven Mountain

I had a chance to shoot the trainer over weekend, I also had a neighbor and his wife who is very new to guns shoot it. And Bob & Jo where very impressed with the realism of weight and feel of a real gun! She was afraid of what might happen if she didn’t hit the target. I had to laugh. But after a little explanation she hit the target and said this the way she would prefer to learn to shoot. After trying to shoot Bobs FNH 9MM. It scared her. As for myself I think the gun weight and recoil & report are very reasonable, I shot several cartridges and am glad I still have my grouping capabilities with me. This is a fun practice tool and a pleasure to shoot.

Mark Earle

Wow! What a great product along with amazing customer service. This laser trainer is a cost-effective way to improve your shooting accuracy all the while getting a realistic feel of weight and recoil. I cannot say enough about this amazing product. Also, I could tell the representative I spoke with (Gary Bombalicki) has a real passion for the Blowback Laser Trainer and cares deeply about great customer service. Thank you so much for everything.

John Wills

To whom it may concern: recently I was reading my Gun Digest magazine and noticed an article about a Blowback Laser Trainer. The more I read I just had to order one. I received my order on a Saturday afternoon and upon reading the packaged instructions I had to charge to target and pistol. The following day, Sunday, I couldn't wait to try it. My first few shots didn't register/hit target and I've been shooting since I was 6 years old and now 66. So, I aimed high left about a foot and it hit low right. As you can imagine I wasn't too happy, so I sent an email, on a Sunday evening, explaining how far off the pistol was shooting. To my disbelief my phone rang, and it was the owner of the company explaining to me how to go to their site and watch a video which thoroughly explained hoe to adjust the sights with the tool provided. Two adjustments and it was nothing but bullseye at 30. The other thing I would like to mention the feel of the pistol and recoil is just like a 9mm to me. I think it’s the best thing since sliced bread. I have even called my local PD and suggested to stop by anytime to sharpen up your skills. Bottom line is the actual owner called me on a Sunday as he was cooking dinner for his family. Hats off to you and thank you.

Vinnie D.

The Blowback Laser Training System is an excellent training tool! As much as I would love to go down to my local range as often as possible, time simply does not permit me to. As a police officer from New York, who works steady midnight tours, I sleep during the day and am many times left with a small-time frame for everything else needed to be done. The Blowback Laser Trainer allows me to train in the comfort of my home without letting time dictate my schedule. It weighs and feels like a real firearm. The Blowback simulates enough recoil. It is extremely portable and allows the user to set up just about anywhere. For any LEO, whether in the same boat as me or not, there is no reason why one should not utilize such a training tool like this one.

Ronald Shaer

Love your system Gary. The best application of dry firing and target results on the market. A must for every handgun owner, beginners, experienced shooters, police and military personnel should experience this product. My live fire scores have improved by 90 percent.


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